"I’m not sad that Toni’s gone - that’s football. Players come and players go. I’ve been around long enough not to let the sale of players get me down, even if Toni is an excellent player."
— Philipp Lahm about Toni Kroos (via fcbayernismyonedirection)


Thomas Müller & Xabi Alonso & Mario Götze

Zeit läuft, Zeit läuft!

"It’s not a just game


19/?? reasons to love Basti: Angela Merkel

German chancellor Angela Merkel once caught a glimpse of a naked Bastian Schweinsteiger, according to DFB president Wolfgang Niersbach. “When the chancellor comes into the dressing room, they all have to be dressed - that was my job at that time,” Niersbach said, according to Bild. “We forgot one player was still in the shower." When questioned about the identity of the player, Niersbach mischievously replied: "Not telling! That would be embarrassing for Bastian Schweinsteiger.”


when you’re punished for talking in class and can’t go outside to play